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Coaching Plans

Course vs. Coaching:  

A course provides information in a teaching or classroom style to individuals to use, apply, store in their memory bank or not make use of at all.  Coaching is training and guidance of individuals to target transformation, change, improvement and/or measurable results just as athletes who have talent are still trained by coaches.


1:1 Coaching

If you are aware that you have some in-depth spiritual layers to work through in order to progress on your journey, then this is for you.  For instance, maybe you have significant Ancestral and/or Spiritual Court issues that needs to be addressed, this would be for you.


The Spiritualist interested in receiving intense spiritual attention within private sessions. Get started with one month advance payment. Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly plans available.

Manifestation Programs

These luxury service programs are designed to assist those who want to transform in several areas of their life and develop in the Art of Manifestation. The individual who is aware that they are a Creator within the Universe and prepared to make a more significant investment in their spiritual development.

Group Coaching: The Tribe

We have 2 community coaching plans. 

"The Collective" is a FREE community for men and women.  Click here for Membership details and monthly payment information for all plans.

If you enjoy Sisterhood and interested in becoming apart of an elite collective of successful women, then the 'Divine Feminine Tribe' may be a fit for you. Applicants are accepted into the tribe based on compatibility and spiritual divination.

Spiritual Business Coaching

If you are truly a life student of the Spiritual World, Metaphysics, and Nature that is prepared to facilitate groups, jump start your new Spiritual Business, or expand upon an existing one...but your seeking help to build your brand...then this is for you. From Coaching, Design, Certification to Personalized Support, these are programs catered to your individual business needs. 

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